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Live Healthy. Stay Active. is a comprehensive online resource for those who are pursuing active lifestyle or are exploring its benefit. For those who are so used to being inactive, it might sound like something far-fetched. In reality, living an active lifestyle is easier than what most people believe. At, we have an extensive collection of articles and tips about:
  • how to stay fit
  • how to eat healthy
  • how to get back to shape
  • how to prevent injury during exercise
  • how to train your body

Exercising Is Easier Than You Think
If being fit and trim is a high priority for you, but you don't have the time or just don't want to go to a gym to work out, here's some good news: you can get fit and trim without joining a gym or without practicing Taebo three hours a day. Recent studies show you can have a short but effective exercise plan that fits into even the busiest of days.
Talk the Talk While You Walk the Walk
Walking has fewer slang terms than many sports, a testament to its accessibility and lack of snobbery. Still, we're betting that there are some walking terms you don't know that will help you understand and appreciate the sport.
Seven Exercises You Can Do at Home
When I first started training in the gym, the upper body seemed extremely complicated. There were muscles running in all different directions doing all sorts of different things. But in reality, the upper body does only two things: It pushes and it pulls. (For previous columns on putting on muscle, go to week one, or week two)...

Think "Fit and Healthy"

Before you get up each morning, visualized yourself as being fitter and leaner. This will help you start the day with a positive attitude. If you tell yourself that you are eating more healthfully and losing weight, you will do so more easily. Positive self-talk is important for your well being. Try this: on your way home after work, visualize yourself eating a pleasant (but smaller) dinner, chewing the food slowly, savoring the taste, relaxing after dinner with a book rather than cookies.

Don't Forget the Warm-up!

When you begin your workout, every part of you needs to be eased into it--certainly your muscles, but also your heart and your mind. A muscle after a day at work or a night's sleep is like cold taffy: Bend it and it cracks, splinters, or snaps. When it's warm, it's soft and pliable. A warm-up prepares your muscles for the activity to come, letting you rehearse in slow motion the way they'll move later.

Which Sneaker Should I Buy?

Purchasing a pair of exercise sneakers can be overwhelming. Before heading to the store, figure out what activities you'll be using them for. Cross-trainers are great for most sports, but if you'll be running or walking for most of your workouts, buy a pair geared toward these activities alone. Sneakers are designed with more or less cushion and ankle support based on how they'll be used, so choose carefully, and replace them frequently

Intensity is best

You may have heard that long, slow aerobic workouts are best for fat burning. That's partly true--you burn a higher percent of fat at an easy pace of less than 70 percent of your max heart rate. But you burn more total calories when you exercise more intensely, so even though you're burning a lower percent of fat, you're burning more total fat when you pick up the pace to 75 to 85 percent of max.
Healthy Eating
What's The Best Way to Change Bad Eating Habits?
The way to conquer your unhealthful dietary habits is to accept them and surrender to them. So you like chocolate Ding-Dongs? So what? Buy a few boxes, stash them at your house and at work and eat them whenever you want. Just pay close attention to the physical, mental and emotional factors that are present when you experience a Ding-Dong craving....
American Kids Love Fries, But Not Exercise
Here's a one-two punch to the future waistline of America. Kids in the U.S. eat more fries and exercise less than children in many other countries, according to a World Health Organization study that examined the behavior of 120,000 school-age children in 26 European countries and Canada and the U.S....
Nutrition in a Bottle
Vitamin E will boost my immune system, and B will make me think faster and Amino acids will help me look better or fly (I can't remember which). I tally a sizeable bill at the register, downloading vitamins to help me feel like a champion. But I figure I'll save on my food bills. Maybe I don't need real food at all with all these vitamins...

Lose Fat While Sleeping
Did you know that you're burning calories even when you're asleep? 60 to 70% of your total caloric requirement is due to your basal metabolic rate (BMR), involuntary work that occurs in your body like heart beat, breathing and chemical reactions.
Beware of Low-Fat Foods
Dieters love low-fat foods but often aren't aware that these foods can make you fat! The problem? Even low-fat foods contain calories, often in large numbers, and people eat too much. They think that because the label says "low-fat" they can gorge with impunity. Eating 25 low-fat cookies won't help you reach your weight loss goals!
Cheap Sports Bars
Commercial energy bars are great for packing along on lengthy workouts but they're fairly expensive. As a less pricey substitute, try fruit bars from the supermarket. Fig or apricot bars, especially those with a whole-wheat shell, are loaded with carbohydrate, low in fat and reasonably priced. One drawback--they get smashed in your pack or jersey pocket easier than commercial sports bars.
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